Concept the Game is a completely unique board game that will have you communicating in pictures rather than words or mime.

It is a game for teams, and perfect for when there is a large group.


It is sort of like Pictionary – but you don’t draw.  It is sort of like Charades but you don’t act/mime.  Instead your team needs to figure out the word or phrase based on the illustration clues/icons on the game board.

The aim of Concept the Game is to help the others on your team figure out your keyword or phrase.  You do this by placing tokens on universal icons to give them clues.   For example if the key word was “bee” you might place tokens on animal + yellow + black + small + flying.

The quicker and better you learn all the the icon options, the faster you will be able to give clues for your team!

It is definitely the sort of game you need to play a couple of times.  We love that it caters to larger groups, as not many board games can do that.

Concept the Game Features:

  • Age 10yrs+
  • 4 or more players
  • 40 mins to play (approx)

Concept The Game has loads of International Awards and will become a firm family favourite!

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