The Colours, Shapes and Early Numbers Flash Cards are a handy set of flash cards that cover a few important beginner concepts.

There are 22 double sided colour cards featuring the following colours: white, black, brown, grey, red, orange, yellow, blue, green, purple and pink.  They have the colour splash, the word and picture of animals and objects in that colour.

There are 20 double sided shape cards featuring: rectangle, circle, square, diamond, hexagon, star, triangle, moon, oval and heart.

There are 20 double sided number cards from 1 through to 10.  They have the numeral, pictures showing that number of objects and animals and the written word for that number.

For each of the above groups, there is a double sided activity card giving ideas and suggestions for ways to use the flash cards.

The flash cards are approx: 12 x 8.5cm

Suitable for 3yrs+