Coko Bricks Digraphs are a set of 20 educational bricks with digraph letter combinations.  Use them in combination with the Coko Lower Case letter pack to make words and sentences, learn phonics for decoding and spelling.


This 20 piece set of digraphs are a combination of two letters representing one sound.

Very easy to use and a concrete kinesthetic approach to learning literacy and play.

COKO letter bricks are a great way to turn construction play into a rich learning opportunity.

Compatible with both COKO small and medium base plates.

Coko Bricks Digraphs Features:

  • Contains 20 pieces.
  • Includes teachers notes filled with learning ideas.
  • Compatible with Duplo, Lego bricks
  • This does NOT include Coko base plate.
  • Bricks include:
  • sh x2, ch x 2, ph x 2, th x 2, wh x 2, gh x 2, gn x 2, kn x 2, qu x 2, wr x 2

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