The Chef Pop de Pop Counting game by Brainwright.  It is an action packed dice game that has players popping up from their seat, counting and sharing popcorn and getting stuck with burnt popcorn.

At the end of all the rounds, the winner is the person who has the most popcorn cards.

Players take turns shaking the large shaker by the handle.

The black dice determines the action – being first to jump up from your seat, taking another players popcorn card, getting stuck with a burnt popcorn card or adding another popcorn card to your set.  Then players need to see if they can match the number of popcorn flavours with their cards.

A fun, quick game that will have children counting and not even realising.

We love the novelty of the popcorn shaker!  Children will love giving that a shake.  We also love that it is a cute introduction to chance and probability.

Includes: 80 cards and popcorn shaker.

Suitable for 6yrs+ and for 2 to 6 players.