Chair Socks are the solution to the problem of noise chairs make as they are moved across a floor.  Say Goodbye to that awful screeching noise and Hello to Chair Socks. These chair socks are designed to stop and block that noise. We all know that noise, when the chair ends rub against the floor boards, it can become an instant distraction in the classroom and can easily get very irritating.

Chair socks are available in a pack of four, they are the exact same size as your average tennis ball, only with a carefully cut hole for you to place over the foot of a chair, table, stool, etc.

They are easy to place over the foot of a chair, simply squeeze the ball for the split to appear open, then it is just a matter of wiggling the ball onto the leg until it fits nice and secure.

The opening dimensions when it is at full capacity is 4cm x 4cm so they are the perfect size for classroom desks and chairs. For any other furniture items or objects thats legs a wider, you could potentially encourage the split to go a little further though knowing that it may not fit as snug when you do so.

Chair socks are also an option to add to house hold furniture/objects to prevent floor damage.