CanDo Exercise Band Loop Black

CanDo Exercise Band Loop Black


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The CanDo Exercise Bands Loops are a continuous band of latex used for exercise and therapy.

30 in stock


The CanDo Exercise Band Loop Black are a continuous band of latex used for exercise and therapy.


Exercise Bands are often recommended for use around chair legs, especially at school.  Children and older students can push against them whilst sitting at their desks.  This action provides the movement some students need while sitting, thus encouraging longer seating time and increased academic engaged time and focus.  Using exercise bands for movement is ideally suited form some children with ADHD and vestibular sensory issues.  These are quite a discreet strategy as well.

CanDo Exercise Band Loop Black Features:

  • Because exercise bands offer resistance they are helpful for those with proprioceptive sensory issues.
  • Exercise bands are easy to clean in mild soapy water.
  • The level of resistance of the band is designated by its colour.
  • Black – XFirm
  • The black bands are 25cm in diameter.

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