The Blue Orange Bye Bye Mr Fox is a lovely cooperative game for children.  Work together to help the hens keep their eggs safe from Mr Fox.

Cooperative games are a fantastic way to introduce board games to younger children.  Players still take turns and still need to play by the rules.  But players help and encourage each other.  Players work collaboratively to try and win (together).

In Bye Bye Mr Fox, players take turns flipping a token and spinning the spinner to see what they need to move – an egg, chicken or Mr Fox.  The aim of the game is to collect three each in each hen’s house.

This game involves a little strategy, as you need to consider where you place your tokens to give the best chance against Mr Fox.

Recommended for 5yrs +, it would By Bye Mr Fox would also be suitable for 4yrs+ with a little support.

It is also designed for up to 4 players, however more can easily be accommodated as there aren’t playing pieces to move around a board.

The game takes about 10 minutes to play.