How good is hands on learning? With the Bucket Balance learn all about Volume and Mass, in a fabulous, visual way.


Some concepts are much easier to learn through doing, measurement through volume and mass is one of these tricky concepts. The bucket balance are set up like a set of old school scales but in a much more user-friendly way – say goodbye to bowls and chains! Each bucket takes up to 500ml of liquid/sand/play-dough (the possibilities are endless!). The full use of these scales goes beyond measurement, they’re also a fabulous resource for estimation, contrasting and comparison. How many counters will make the buckets balance with 100mls water?

The little spout makes pouring (therefore clean up) easy and the big arms holding the buckets have little arrows that aline when balanced, which, give a great visual aid to showing which side is heavier.

We love using coloured water to make seeing the meniscus of water easier!

Bucket Balance Features:

  • 7+ Years
  • Two (2) removable, clear buckets with spout, measuring 500ml each.
  • Grip spots on the legs to prevent the scales slipping
  • Total bucket balance dimensions: approx. 40cm x 14cm x 15cm
  • Made from plastic

Have bucket loads of fun learning with the Bucket Balance! 

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