The Gonge Body Bells Twist is a versatile linked set of bells securely enclosed in sturdy plastic shells.


The Body Bells consist of 6 strong plastic shells (that enclose a large bell), each joined with strong but slightly flexible rubber.

Essentially the Body Bells have been designed to develop body awareness and stimulate the proprioceptive sense. 

They can be used in play where the child (or adult) practices rhythm, force and body control of that part of the body where the bells are attached.  Learn to control movement by asking them to move without making the bells ring.  This will require slow movement and focus. In a group, pass the bells between them without ringing the bells.  Play games where the bells must remain quiet.  Clap rhythms with the bells as musical instruments.  So many ideas!

Use the bells as musical instruments, clap rhythym.



Gonge Body Bells Twist Features:

  • Strong plastic shells containing bells, linked with sturdy rubber
  • Flexible use – can be placed on the head, shoulders, wrist, ankle 
  • Stimulates development of proprioceptive sense
  • Promotes focus and concentration
  • A great resource for the Vision Impaired
  • Suitable for 1yr+
  • Each bell approx 4.5×3.2cm, rubber join approx 2.2cm


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