The Blends Phase 4 Workbook is filled with wonderful activities designed to encourage and develop reading, writing and skills in spelling letter sounds.



This workbook is jammed packed with 54 pages of exercises and a progress map with stickers to track how your child is progressing through the book. The Blends book is for children aged 5+ and assists them before they start to learn the 44 letter sounds used in the English Language.


The pages are bright and colourful and the cute illustrations will encourage children to want to use the workbook. Each “topic” is broken down into weeks:

Week 1:st, nd, mp, nt, nk

Week 2: ift, sk, lt, lp, lf, lk, pt, xt

Week 3: tr, dr, gr, cr, br, fr

Week 4: bl, fl, gl, pl, cl, sl

Week 5: sp, st, sw, tw, pr, sm, sc, sk, sn

Week 6: nch, scr, shr, str, thr


This booklet can be used alongside the other books in the Letters and Sounds Reading Program, the aim of this series is to help children with fluency in reading and to give them a solid foundation in the letter patterns found in the English Language. The progression of the program is systematic, whereby children are given a set of core letters (s, a, t, p, i, n) and encouraged to play with these letters in making new sounds and word building. There are six phases in the reading program

Phonemic Awareness -> Letter Sounds -> Phonics -> Blends -> Vowel Sounds -> Spelling.


Blends Phase 4 Workbook Features:

  • Ages 5+
  • 54 Pages of exercises built around blends
  • 55 stickers to use with the progress map
  • Progress map

A great hands-on approach to introducing your children to blends.



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