There are few things as frustrating as having to find all of the road hazards in a recaptcha among the pictures of traffic. But when you replace pot holes with puppies, it becomes a whole different game.


In Beagle or Bagel, you’re presented with cards that have either baked bagels or curled-up pooches on them. You must be the first to determine which group has more representatives shown and shout out your answer.

What sounds like the easiest game in the world becomes surprisingly difficult and fun as you compete to be fast and right. Don’t worry if you mess up at first; there’s sure to be plenty more rounds for you to get a chance to bark out the correct answer!

Beagle or Bagel Features:

  • Fast-paced pattern-recognition game
  • Count up the cards and call out if you see more bagels or “beagles”
  • Includes: 80 Cards, 10 Beagle and Bagel Tokens, 24 Life Points, Illustrated Rules
  • Dogs represent more breeds than just beagles
  • Includes 3 different game play options

Can you figure it out?

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