The Base 10 student set helps the learning and exploration of number concepts, place value and operations.  Being wooden, it is long lasting and well suited for individual use at school, home or distance learning.


The numeracy component of our maths curriculum is built upon a foundation of the base 10 number system.

Children need to grasp our base 10 system, especially as their understanding and work with larger numbers progresses.  It also helps them understand addition and subtraction and trading.  Base 10 blocks are frequently referred to in the maths curriculum and used at school.

This base 10 set is suitable for solo  or one-to-one use.  It is ideal for using in the home or at school.  We love that each of the place values has a different colour, assisting with identifying them.

Base 10 Student Set Features:

  • Sturdy Wooden Set
  • An activity guide
  • 100 units, 10 rods (tens), 10 flats (hundreds) and 1 cube (thousand).

The Base 10 Student set is a handy tool for teachers, home schoolers and students.

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