Playroom Barnyard Buddies is a fast paced visual recognition game that will have you thinking and processing quickly.


The aim of the game is to find the animal missig from the herd card.  However there are a number of animals and variations in colour, too.

To play, place the deck of herd cards in the centre (face down in a pile).  Then lay the animal cards face UP randomly spread around the herd deck.

Turn over the top herd card.  There will be one animal missing from the 5 options and it will have to also be the missing colour.

For example if the herd card has a red dog, yellow cat, green horse, blue cow the missing animal must be a purple goat.

The players race to place their finger on the purple goat.

The instructions include another variation as well.

Playroom Barnyard Buddies Features:

  • Barnyard Buddies is a terrific quick card game suitable for 5yrs+ and for 2 to 8 players.  A fun group or family game.
  • Includes: 25 Animal cards and 25 Herd cards
  • Each card is approx 9 x 5.5cm

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