Banz Noise Reduction Earmuffs Children Pink

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Banz Noise Reduction Earmuffs Children Pink


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The Kids Headphones are designed to comfortably protect children from loud noises and act as noise reduction headphones – they help to reduce ambient/background noise while still allowing your child to hear the voice of someone speaking to them.

17 in stock


The Banz Noise Reduction Earmuffs are the ultimate sound barrier in headphones for children.

They provide protection for children of all ages from 2yrs and up.

These ear muffs safeguard your young ones from loud noises.

The Banz earmuffs are an over-ear design.  They are small enough to fit into a bag or the palm of your hand.  They can be easily adjusted to suit different sized heads! The soft headband and cushion cups ensure comfort.

These Banz noise reduction ear muffs are an excellent noise cancelling option for those who are sensitive to sounds.

We have tried these ourselves in store and can’t believe how comfortable and effective they are.

They are light but sturdy (they weigh only 190gm).

They can be folded up to fit in the palm of your hand, making them easy to carry or store.

Perfect to block out noise, for those overwhelming noisy environments.

Suitable for 2yrs+

Colour: Pink

Weight: 195g

Average noise reduction rating of 24.8dB

Please note: These are NOT a toy, and should always be used under adult supervision.