The Balance Cushion is an inflatable circular cushion designed originally to assist with balance (you stand on it).

It is fantastic for sitting on though.  As a seating aid, it provides much needed vestibular input when on the floor, chair or even lounge.

It is often recommended by therapists and used in therapy, schools or the home. The balance cushion mimics the movement and shape of an inflatable exercise ball when used as a seat. It has one flat side and one ridged side (manufacturers refer to this as a “nubby” side) for extra tactile feedback and stimulation.

The Balance Cushion can be inflated or deflated to vary the level of resistance and firmness. Its portability means it can also be moved from seat to floor, to bus to car if needed.

33cm in diameter and can inflate to 5cm.  Holds up to adult weight.

We particularly recommend inflatable cushions that have an external pin for inflation/deflation as compared to those that use a plug (which can be removed by children and might pose a safety risk).  This one definitely has a pin for inflation.

It also comes with its own handy pump.

Comes in blue.