This convenient sensory kit is full of items catering to a wide variety of sensory needs. It suits all ages 3yrs+ and is great value. A perfect gift.

The kit comes in a light backpack.  Fabulous for when you need to quickly grab it as you leave the house or head off on an excursion or holidays.

The Sensory Kit includes:

1 x Banz Ear muffs (plain colour)

1 x Flexi Puzzle Fidget or QBoid Puzzle

1 x Balloon Ball Jumbo

1 x Lycra Marble Slider Fidget

1 x Stretchy Stress Banana

1 x Stretchy Lizard

1 x Packet of LED Finger Lights/Torches

1 x Vibration Massager

1 x Spinning Liquid Timer

1 x Simpl Dimpl Key ring


PLEASE NOTE: (items included are subject to availability -please be assured we will aways substitute items of similar value).