Australian Geographic Climate Change Lab teaches us the impact that humanity has on global weather system in a hands-on, interactive activity.


In this experiment kit you will get to create rain, grow and eat your own “home grown” crops, and see if you can work to save your ice glaciers. Lean in an interactive setting the impact that we humans have on the climate, measure the winds and the emissions, monitor the oceanic currents as the icebergs that you float melt. A very visual introduction to a very important subject. A great STEM resource to do at home or in classrooms. A huge range of activities in this amazing package.

NOTE: Seeds aren’t included due to regulations prohibiting the inclusion of them in this kit, a list of recommended seeds to purchase are on the back of the kit.

Australian Geographic Climate Change Lab Features:

  • 1 beaker
  • 1 pipette
  • tweezers
  • blue colouring
  • 2 x bags of sand
  • calcium hydroxide
  • 2 x test jars
  • universal indicator paper
  • red plastic tubing
  • red capillary wick
  • 2 x thermometer strips
  • 2 x thermostrip supports
  • 1 x airport sliding door
  • 2 x wind detectors
  • 2 x bearings and 2 x poles
  • moulded base
  • large clear dome
  • 2 x medium clear domes
  • 2 x die cut chimneys
  • blister mould glacier and icebergs
  • 2 x UV beads
  • stickers
  • safety sheet
  • instruction booklet
  • ages 8+
  • Read all instructions before use
  • contains some chemicals which present a hazard to health.
  • use under adult supervision

Learn all about the Greenhouse effect, Global Warming and climate change with this fabulous STEM resource.


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