The Ark One Way Air Valve can be attached to various sized balloons and help children learn how to blow balloons up.


If someone has difficulty learning to blow a balloon up, or needs plenty of oral input for therapy, these valves can help.

Attach a balloon to these one way air valves for blowing exercises.  The Valve stops air being released when pausing to take a breath.

These premium valves have built-in air releases to let the air out at any time and are very easy to clean.

Use balloons of different sizes to produce varying levels of difficulty.

To use the valve, simply place the opening of the balloon over the larger end of the valve.  Blow the balloon to a safe size.  You can deflate the ballon by using a straw.

Caution: contains small parts and extra care should be taken when working with balloons as they could cause choking. Adult supervision required at all times.

PLEASE NOTE : Balloons are not included.

Ark One Way Air Valve for Balloons Features:

  • Suitable for ages 3 years and up
  • 6m long and 2cm diameter
  • plastic
  • 1 in a pack
  • colours: red or yellow

The one way air valves will finally give children the pleasure and joy of blowing up balloons themselves.

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