This 5kg Weighted Orangutan is made to our specific requirements and exclusive to Starfish.   It’s perfect for those who benefit from compression – for calming, sensory overload, hyperactivity, autism spectrum disorder and sensory processing disorder.


Approximately 45cm in height, the 5kg Weighted Orangutan is able to sit on the lap but due to its size, acts as a perfect cuddle buddy!

It also comes with a little baby Orangutan that can be velcro-ed to the parent Orangutan. So cute!

The Orangutan is a quality plush toy from Wild Republic.  A local supplier then removes the filling in the body of the Orangutan and adds a 5kg weighted inner inside.  Rather than sew the Orangutan up, we made the decision to secure the opening with press studs so the inner can be removed and the Orangutan can be washed more easily.  We chose to use velcro rather than buttons or press studs to reduce choking hazards.

Adding 5kg weight as the filling for weighted plush toys can place a lot of stress on the seams.  Having the weight as an inner reduces this problem, too.  It also means that it is easier to clean and wash (on a gentle cycle).

Because the inner goes into the body of the Orangutan, it leaves the arms and legs floppy and free.  Great to wrap around!

Ideal for when sitting on the floor or lounge or if at a desk.

The Weighted Orangutan 5kg is ideal for those who benefit from the compression of weighted products.  They can be calming and therapeutic.

We also love that you can take the weight out to wash the Orangutans outer body!

5kg Weighted Orangutan Features:

  • Double stitched inner for durability
  • Strong and durable
  • Approximately 45cm in height
  • 5kg


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