The 5kg Weighted Lap Pad is exclusive to Starfish.  It is made from strong cotton, fully lined and double stitched.


Unlike many similar weighted items and lap pads or lap blankets, which are filled with poly pellets, the 5kg weighted lap pads are weighted with glass beads.  This means we can get a much heavier lap blanket in the size (approx 50cm x 40cm).

Our Weighted Lap Pad 5kg also has the added bonus of a loop of ribbon on one corner.  This has the benefit of a fidget, but it also gives the option of attaching a chew or your own fidget.

5kg Weighted Lap Pad Features:

  • The weighted lap pad is suited to those who benefit from compression – for calming, sensory overload, hyperactivity, autism spectrum disorder and sensory processing disorder.
  • Ideal for when sitting on the floor, lounge or at a desk.
  • The colour may vary, although we do try to ensure they are practical colour appropriate for a school or work environment.

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