The 50 Activities cards Comprehension set is full of quick pre-prepared comprehension lessons.


The cards are double-sided and include a whole range of activities that involve reading a short text, both fiction and non-fiction.  Then answering questions on the reverse side of the card.

The cards have colourful supporting photos to prompt comprehension.

All of the activities are designed to give a wide range of options.  You will be able to choose the best one for particular students, children or group sizes.

50 Activities Cards Comprehension Features:

  • 50 double-sided activity cards 18 x 11.5cm
  • A contents card that can be used as a check off list.
  • A set of resources perfect for personal use or for teachers, casual teachers, coaches and group leaders.
  • Activities to suit a whole range of ages
  • Ages 6+

Add the 50 Activities Cards Comprehension set to your kitbag and always have quick lessons ready to go.

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