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UGames 5 Second Rule Junior


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5 Second Rule Junior is an action packed language and vocabulary building fact-filled game and it’s suitable for younger children 3yrs+

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The UGames 5 Second Rule Junior game is a quick and easy family board game that is loads of fun to play together.


It is an easier version of the original 5 Second Rule board game.  The manufacturers recommend this game for 6yrs+ however we have played it with younger children. 5 Second Rule Junior s an action packed language and vocabulary building fact-filled game.  Turn a card and answer your question before the time runs out.  Be careful though, the twirling crazy timer spirals down in only 5 seconds long, so you don’t have much time to respond. The sorts of questions vary from “Name 3 Super Heroes”, “Name 3 zoo animals”, “Name 3 things that are red”.

UGames 5 Second Rule Junior Features:

  • The game is made overseas and you may need to modify a few of the questions eg Name 3 things you dip in ketchup.  That said, most quesitons are fine.
  • For younger children, those with speed of processing difficulties, or those with expressive language dificulties we often give the player a little “thinking time” before flipping the twisted timer.
  • Highly recommended for home, after school care, the home and a brilliant game for the holidays or when you have a group of people around (play in teams). 

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