The 45cm Jelly Balloon Ball is a balloon that becomes a ball!


Inflate your Jelly Balloon Ball using the nozzle supplied – just insert the nozzle into the valve of the ball and start inflating! Blow it up just like you would a balloon.

Then it’s time to throw it, catch it, squeeze it or bounce it – just like you would any other ball. There’s even a finger loop, great for bouncing it off your hands without it bouncing away!

When you’ve finished playing with your Jelly Balloon Ball, you can reinsert the nozzle into the valve until all the air is gone. Then you are ready to store your deflated Jelly Balloon Ball in a small space ready for another day of play.

45cm Jelly Balloon Ball :

  • The ball is designed to be inflated to a maximum of 45cm.
  • Over-inflating may cause damage to the product.
  • Comes in a variety of colours – pink, blue, purple, orange, green and yellow – chosen at random. If you have a colour preference please include this in your order comments and we will choose this colour if it is available.
  • Recommended for children aged six and over.
  • Has a finger loop attached
  • Not suitable for children aged three and under.

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