The 20 Express game by Blue Orange is a maths and counting game that involves a bit of luck and bit of strategy.

The aim of the game is to create the longest ascending series of numbers.

There are forty tiles in a beautiful sturdy storage bag. The tiles are numbered from 1 to 30 (with doubles of 11 through to 19) and a wild tile.

Twenty numbered tiles are randomly drawn, one at a time.

Players need to choose where to write the number on their score pad. Players cleverly determine the likelihood of a number drawn or rely on sharp guesswork. Some numbers may be pulled twice, and a wild tile can save a series. Better think fast, everyone must quickly assign a car for their number before the next tile is called. Easy to learn and undoubtedly a crowd pleaser, it’s full steam ahead! With clear-cut game play and lots of suspense,

20 Express is a good game for learning probability and improving strategic thinking. Risk assessment is also exercised as players must judge the best number placement that will improve their chances to create the longest series.

Once you’ve played 20 express, you’ll find it straight forward and you’ll be addicted.  But, be warned the instructions are not that clear.  We found a great youtube clip that made loads more sense!  Click here

We love that this game is fast, fun and can be played by one player or with a whole group or class.  Recommended for 8yrs+