The LCD writing tablet “10 is an amazing environment-friendly no paper, no chalk board!


Pressure-sensitive LCD writing surface makes your writing or drawing appear without any delay. The screen is 10 inches.

Write or draw with any other suitable instrument, even by your finger! Easy operation and high efficiency, erase your drawing just by a touch of the erase button. Ultra-slim and compact design, easy to carry and can be easily slipped into your briefcase, backpack, or other bag.

10″ LCD Writing Tablet Features:

  • Includes a pen that can be stored with the screen.
  • Built-in replaceable button cell, long battery life up to several months, you don’t necessarily worry about power cut.
  • Simply Pull out the pen, and write on the writing area directly with the pen or finger, (But it’s best not to use something too sharp to draw a screen to avoid damaging the LCD screen). Then press the remove button to erase the writing content,
  • Colour: Black

Please note: the packaging may indicate that the colour of the writing can be changed, that is not the case with these writing tablets.

Lightweight and portable, perfect for school, office, home use or other use.

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