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  • These weighted lap pads are perfect for those who benefit from compression - for calming, sensory overload, hyperactivity, autism spectrum disorder and sensory processing disorder.
  • Z-Vibe spare battery
  • Z Vibe Grabber Vibrating Chew Tool is an innovative tool that has all the benefits of the Z-Vibe with a bonus chewable grabber loop attached to the Z-Vibe handle.
  • A handy set of spare parts for the Z-Vibe system.
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    Lycra Bed Sheets provide deep calming pressure which can help with bedtime routine and getting more sleep through the night.
  • Many kinder-gyms use the, too. All sorts of activity can stem from the Bilibo - Red, such as  rocking, spinning, hiding underneath, sitting on top, using them as stepping stones, stack and carry toys, water play, sand play or just use as a seat.  The limit is a child's imagination.
  • The Wilbarger therapy brush is a therapressure brush is a sensory brush designed by Patricia Wilbarger.
  • The CanDo Exercise Bands Loops are a continuous band of latex used for exercise and therapy.
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