• The BLLOX stacking race is a game based on staking 5 coloured blocks to match the design on a card taken from the Stacky Pack deck.  Be the first to stack it, slap the card, collect 3 and win!
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  • The vehicle counters are a great way to introduce counting, patterns, sequencing and ordinal numbers and are perfect for preschool, school or the home.
  • The Jumbo 6 sided PVC dotted dice, is a very handy resource to create your own games for the home or school.
  • This dice is six sided with numerals 1 to 6 (instead of 'dots'), which is ideal for helping children recognise numerals.
  • The 6 sided die has each number (1 - 6) written in words, which is perfect for helping children learn to recognise the written word for each number.